Coming soon: A Decade of Omni Dance (2002-12)

Coming soon: A Decade of Omni Dance (2002-12)

Before I moved on to power metal music, I used to create electronic dance and rave stuff. In case you happen to like that kind of music too besides my metal stuff, the album containing 55 songs from 2002 to 2012 will be released Thursday November 7th 2012. Its name is “A Decade of Omni Dance”, following the April release of “A Decade of Magic Hardcore”. This album contains several tracks that I never released in high quality before and several unreleased pieces of work from the last decade.

It will be available on Bandcamp for $2.00, like the Happy Hardcore album and it will have 55 tracks. An iTunes, Amazon and other store release will be available at a later date as well, although the stores will decide of the price.

Bandcamp album page: (Buy link will appear Thursday)

Afterward I will try to concentrate on my new upcoming power metal album called Ancient Kingdom of Omnimaga.


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