A Decade of Omni Dance is out!

6 months after releasing A Decade of Magic Hardcore (2002-2012), a compilation of almost all my happy and UK hardcore songs, I am finally releasing its dance music counterpart: A Decade of Omni Dance (2002-12)!


As you can see in the spoiler above, the album contains 55 tracks. It mainly covers the trance and eurodance (90’s style) genres, but it also includes several tracks of multiple other genres as well, such as house, acid techno and even industrial. The album also includes two UK hardcore tracks that were not included on the hardcore compilation back in April. One of them is a remix of Metal of Time, from my TotKotM power metal album, and the other is a short remix of my popular Grooving to the Melody song. Some previously unreleased demo works (even a scrapped song called “Welcome back in 1996”) are also included at the end. Many of the songs are available in higher-than-before audio quality.

The Omnidance word in the cover picture is made up from the original Omnidance logo I used for my two audio-cassettes of the same name (which had my entire 2002-2004 original work except Ultra Beat and Apocalypse), with only 3D being added.

A Decade of Omni Dance is available on Bandcamp. The entire album (and the two large pics it comes with) is the same price as the hardcore compilation from April. This is also my last ever contribution to the electronica/dance/rave music scene, as I have completely moved on to power metal music producing now (I even have a 2nd album of that genre in the works right now).



Coming soon: A Decade of Omni Dance (2002-12)

Coming soon: A Decade of Omni Dance (2002-12)

Before I moved on to power metal music, I used to create electronic dance and rave stuff. In case you happen to like that kind of music too besides my metal stuff, the album containing 55 songs from 2002 to 2012 will be released Thursday November 7th 2012. Its name is “A Decade of Omni Dance”, following the April release of “A Decade of Magic Hardcore”. This album contains several tracks that I never released in high quality before and several unreleased pieces of work from the last decade.

It will be available on Bandcamp for $2.00, like the Happy Hardcore album and it will have 55 tracks. An iTunes, Amazon and other store release will be available at a later date as well, although the stores will decide of the price.

Bandcamp album page: http://djomnimaga.bandcamp.com/album/a-decade-of-omni-dance-2002-12 (Buy link will appear Thursday)

Afterward I will try to concentrate on my new upcoming power metal album called Ancient Kingdom of Omnimaga.

DJ Omnimaga arrives on WordPress!

Heya, I am DJ Omnimaga. I am an electronic musician since 2002 and I am currently making power metal music. I used to work on dance music as well until this year.

Welcome to my WordPress page. Here I might post some links to new songs I’m working on, older songs I never released before or other miscellaneous work of mine.

I am currently working on a new power metal album called “Ancient Kingdom of Omnimaga”. It will feature instrumental songs similar in style to Sonata Arctica, Stratovarius, Gamma Ray and Albion (DavidXNewton). It will be available for sale at http://djomnimaga.bandcamp.com/ once it’s finished! A dance compilation is set to be released simultaneously there as well.

You can also follow me on Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/DJOmnimaga/), Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/djomnimaga.music/) and subscribe to my Youtube channel (http://www.youtube.com/DJOmnimaga/)!